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Sometimes I feel like somebody is watching me

Every once in a while I get the feeling that someone is watching me. It is usually when I am not doing anything of interest so I think that whoever is watching me must be really bored. When that happens I try to do something really fun so they don’t lose interest. But it usually doesn’t work because … Continue reading


I was very proud to have been invited to a meeting with a few hundred of my coworkers to be recognized for my hard work and dedication after a record sales year in the great company I worked for. Now I am not a big fan of the amount of attention I was about to receive … Continue reading

How Secret Santa Made My Coworker Hate Me

Secret Santa may be a popular tradition around the holidays, but for me, it’s one that has caused my co-worker, Tad, to have a lot of animosity towards me. It all began a year ago, I had drawn Tad’s name out of a hat. “Has anyone seen my name card?” Tad started asking around. “I … Continue reading

Work, Schmork

It seems as though I have been working 34 hour days as of late.  Remember that one time when I wasn’t at work?  Yeah, that was sweet. I am not a fan of working.  I would much rather be doing anything else.  Like taking a soldering iron and opening up my cheek, for instance. I … Continue reading

Lessons In Office Etiquette Learned The Hard Way – Mostly True Stories From 2007 Office Boy

The other day, a coworker told me that he was about to “drop some knowledge” on me. Never being a fan of having things dropped on me, I got the Hell out of there and fast. The next time I saw my “knowledge dropping” co-worker, he asked why I had run away from him, so … Continue reading

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