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Chief Scientologist Announces New Practices for 2012

The Army of Awesome People (AoAP) sat down for a one-on-one chat with the Church of Scientology’s chief operating thetan (COT) to get the scoop on the big changes. AoAP:   Why the big announcement? COT:      We want Earthlings (people) to know we’re going to be focused on having fun in the New Year. AoAP:   … Continue reading

Breaking discovery expels true meaning behind pulling someone’s finger

When asked to, “pull my finger”, one would certainly hesitate knowing the undoubtedly unpleasant outcome. However, new findings link this common question to the disappearance of the Aztec civilization. The Army of Awesome People archaeology team is raising a stink with their history changing discovery. Whilst visiting the Sistine Chapel key information was identified in … Continue reading

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