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8 Reality Shows That Are Just Too Good For TV

There are so many reality shows on TV already, but not many of them are actually watchable. At the same time, I could suggest a few new reality show concepts that could be just as entertaining as anything on TV, but most likely will never be developed, because these ideas are just too good for … Continue reading

The Sesame Street Files: Why the characters you loved as a child are no longer on the show

If you were like most children, you grew up watchingSesame Street.  If, however, for some reason you did not maintain your loyalty to the program well into adulthood, you would notice if you tuned in now that many of the characters you knew and loved are no longer on the show.  We decided to pay … Continue reading

“Do Not Attempt.” An Open Letter To ‘Allstate’

Dear Allstate, I am a man of few wants, so it is rare that a commercial makes an impression upon me.  However, two months ago, I was watching television (‘Friends’ rerun, the one where Chandler was killed), when I saw one of your advertisements, featuring a man, dressed as a hot water heater, claiming he … Continue reading

Fun With News Headlines – Boxing Day Edition

If you follow this site at all, you know about the discovery I’ve made that just may change the face of journalism forever.  I’ve found that by changing the photos that accompany news headlines, the stories become much more intriguing.  Here’s this week’s installment: Is Les Miserables Oscar-Worthy? Storm Could Pose Threat To Holiday Travel … Continue reading

TV’s Fall Line-up

It appears that the new line-up of television is seeking a new demographic.  Fox will be airing a new reality show that features a semi-famous person riding on a bus with non-famous people.  The first episode features little known actor George Clooney from TV’s “The Facts of Life”.  It features Clooney reading a newspaper for … Continue reading

9 Other Problems With The Miss USA Pageant

The Miss USA Pageant is embroiled in controversy.  Miss Pennsylvania has resigned claiming the entire event was fixed.  Donald Trump denies the allegations and is filing a lawsuit.  We in the Army of Awesome People never know who to believe. However, I did notice the following 9 other things wrong with the Miss USA Pageant: … Continue reading

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