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10 problems with the first draft of the “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” TV Special

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” has been a TV Christmas classic for the past 47 years.  It is one of the longest running holiday specials, but as you are about to see, the show almost never got the approval needed to make it to air.  Just in time for the holidays, we got our hands on … Continue reading

8 Reality Shows That Are Just Too Good For TV

There are so many reality shows on TV already, but not many of them are actually watchable. At the same time, I could suggest a few new reality show concepts that could be just as entertaining as anything on TV, but most likely will never be developed, because these ideas are just too good for … Continue reading

Ten Worst Survival Items To Bring On Naked & Afraid

The Discovery Channel’s ‘Naked & Afraid’ has proven to be a hit reality show. Each episode features a couple abandoned clothesless in a harsh wilderness environment.  Botht are allowed to choose one item each to help them survive.  Lighters & Knives seem to be the best options.   Here are the worst: -Oven Mitts -Dream Catcher -Kaleidoscope -Monopoly … Continue reading

How The Swearing Anchor’s First Newscast COULD Have Gone Worse

Former Bismark North Dakota news anchor AJ Clemente was fired this week, after swearing on-air during his first newscast, while both residents were watching. AJ tweeted an apology, chalking it up to a “rookie mistake,” which is kind of like a pilot pointing a plane down instead of up and chalking the crash up to … Continue reading

#FalseAdvertising – An Open Letter To Flintstones Vitamins

Dear Flintstones Vitamins, I remember the first time I had ever heard of your product. I was 6 years old and an older bully had been picking on me relentlessly on the playground. “Here, take these,” a shady looking 6th grader held out his hand. “They’ll make you big and strong.” In his palm were … Continue reading

The Frustrated 1950’s Ghost

If you’re a ghost in the 1950’s, probably the most frustrating thing is when you’ve just invested all of this time and effort into learning how to turn television sets on and off by themselves, only to find out some idiot has just invented the remote control.

TV’s Fall Line-up

It appears that the new line-up of television is seeking a new demographic.  Fox will be airing a new reality show that features a semi-famous person riding on a bus with non-famous people.  The first episode features little known actor George Clooney from TV’s “The Facts of Life”.  It features Clooney reading a newspaper for … Continue reading

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