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The Sesame Street Files: Why the characters you loved as a child are no longer on the show

If you were like most children, you grew up watchingSesame Street.  If, however, for some reason you did not maintain your loyalty to the program well into adulthood, you would notice if you tuned in now that many of the characters you knew and loved are no longer on the show.  We decided to pay … Continue reading

11 Signs That Sesame Street Is No Longer Receiving Public Funding

Ever since the first Presidential Debate, there has been much concern over the future of Sesame Street and whether or not it will continue to receive public funding.  Here are ten signs the show has been slashed from the government’s budget: -There’s suddenly a Wal-Mart on Sesame Street “competing” with Hooper’s Store. -Instead of his … Continue reading

My Bottle Cap Collection

Is it just me or does it seem like while a majority of the Sesame Street characters are employed by Sesame Street Inc., Bert actually lives there on the set. I’m not saying that Sesame Street is a real place and that is where he lives.  That would be ridiculous. I’m saying that Bert must be … Continue reading

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