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Army Of Awesome People Nominated For 3 Awards. Here are 5 other awards we wish we hadn’t won.

Last week, Army Of Awesome People was nominated for three awards, the Versatile Blogger Award, The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and The One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you to readers Jim Chapman , Prarie Godmother and List of X. However, these unfortunately aren’t our first awards. Below are five other awards we wish we hadn’t won:  

The Zank – A Poem

There it was, caught in the clutches of the dreaded Pirate Long Mustache, The Zank. It had zigged. It had zagged. It had even zugged. But, when The Zank went for a zeg that’s when Long Mustache kicked out his peg leg from behind the rum keg. “Bam. That’s that. You’re mine now Zank,” Long … Continue reading

Spiders And Robots Living Together

Is it just me, or is everyone else constantly being swarmed by bugs?  For my regular readers, this isn’t really a new topic.  It seems that every time I try to enjoy the outdoors, I get sucker-punched by a bunch of gnats that have come together in the form of a giant boxing glove. You … Continue reading

My Bottle Cap Collection

Is it just me or does it seem like while a majority of the Sesame Street characters are employed by Sesame Street Inc., Bert actually lives there on the set. I’m not saying that Sesame Street is a real place and that is where he lives.  That would be ridiculous. I’m saying that Bert must be … Continue reading

Diary of a Mad Ex-President – Chapter 2: Idiots in other countries

Dear Diary, People treat you different when you’re not the president any more.  First of all, they stop askin’ you to sign bills into law.  Secondly, other countries stop takin’ your threats seriously.  And fourthly, people start lookin’ at you funny, and not ‘ha-ha’ funny.  Today a man walked past me in the hardware store … Continue reading

In The Path Of A Hurricane

I remember the first time I found myself in the path of a hurricane. It was super awkward. The hurricane was coming at me head on.  When I tried to pass it on the left, it moved to the left at the same time to avoid me, putting us back on a collision course. We … Continue reading

Disaster at the Diner

I was lost in the Big City, okay.  I’m not proud of it but I feel I need to be honest. My travels brought me to a quaint little diner on the corner of First and First.  I am not generally accustomed to what goes on in a diner and it was apparent right from … Continue reading

Sucker I removed from Armageddon is growing

Dear Tim, I am a great admirer of your posts. But imagine the torrent of emotion I experienced when a notification with the title: ‘Sucker I removed from Armageddon is growing’ appeared in my mail box and it turned out NOT to be one of yours. Apart from the natural disappointment I felt, having had … Continue reading

Inventions That Need Inventing

If I only invent one invention in my life time, let us hope that it is a machine that produces inventions.  You just push a button, followed by a lever pull, which I am sure must produce some sort of ‘booping’ and ‘beeping’ sounds and then “blato!”, you have yourself a brand new invention. This new … Continue reading

Is This The First Step In A Robotic Uprising?

I think it is completely unfair when someone gets mad at a computer and then takes it out on the monitor.  A monitor, as we all know, is just a patsy.  It is manipulated by the computer like a puppet and we just sit back and laugh. “Oh just look at how funny it is … Continue reading

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