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7 Lies I Told My Neighbor About Osama Bin Laden

With the success of ‘Zero Dark Thirty” in theaters, I am reminded of the mid-2000’s and a neighbor of mine, a woman named Margaret, who, while nice enough was a little ‘off’ and overly concerned about terrorism.  Every day when I’d pass by, she would crack her door open and ask me if we had … Continue reading

See You Later, Suckroy! That’s ‘Sucker’ And ‘Troy’ Mixed Together

Well, I (we) have done it!  We sold our house even with the prospect of someone living next to the sniveling Troy.  He tried to undermine us, boy howdy, but we perservered. To the person (people) who did buy our house, Troy is an excellant neighbor.  He is a living, breathing example of a human, … Continue reading

Keeping Up With The Newer Jones’

I, like many of you, have spent most of my life trying to keep up with the Jones’.  I am proud to report that I have done what was previously thought impossible.  I came up behind Old Man Jones and snuck right past him and his damn family. When I got a good look at the … Continue reading

Watch Out For Other People’s Other Hands

We have enrolled our daughter into a music program.  This is the third semester of it.  Basically it involves a lot of simple songs with simple instruments.  If my daughter is ever unable to attend a class, I probably won’t end up going either.  I feel that I already know most of the songs anyways. … Continue reading

Bridge Over Troybled Water. See What I Did There? Well, Hopefully You Will After You Read This

In the continuing battle between my nemesis Troy and I, I have decided to construct a fairly good-sized moat around my property. If Troy wants to build a fence, that’s fine.  But what he won’t be expecting can’t hurt him.  And what I mean by “can’t” is “can”.  My moat will have the biggest dragon he has … Continue reading

Operation: DesTroy – The Next Step In My Feud With The Neighbor

With my enemy Troy at the gates, I have decided that the best offense is a good offense.  So I have decided to give him a taste of his own medicine, NyQuil. But before I do that, I have to tell you about my latest plan.  I have built a life size replica of myself … Continue reading

Spring, And All The Preventing That Comes With It

Well, it’s springtime.  Which means I have been working diligently on my lawn to get it ready for the year. A couple of days ago, I applied the first installment of fertilizer for the year.  It is important to get a crabgrass preventer down early on in the season.  Unfortunatly the experts don’t tell you … Continue reading

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