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How my Puerto Rican Catch Phrase Nearly Destroyed My Life

The first thing I was told upon my arrival to Puerto Rico was that I must try the cuisine. “Land the plane please!”  I shouted up to the cockpit. One of my pet peeves is when pilots tell me what to do, because, trust me, they’re the last ones to take advice when you approach … Continue reading


Just real quick, I just recently printed out my blogs on MS Word and I realized that my spelling is atrocious (sp). I could have sworn that the word “ridiculous” was spelled “readickulus”.  And that “artichoke” was spelled “hooeylong”.  Who would have thought that the word “spinach” was not spelled “kloot8he ]”? But, I digress.  … Continue reading

Butchering My Last Name

One thing I’m sick of is people butchering my last name. A couple of days ago, I was buying tires and the guy behind the counter asked for my last name. I decided to spell it for him. “K-O-C-H-E-N-D-E-R-F-E-R” “Is that German?” he asked. “No, it’s Kochenderfer” Idiot.

A New Buzz Term For All

I am going to institute the new phrase “Robocop 3 you”.  It means, when someone tries to get you all geeked up about something that they think is the most awesome thing ever and it turns out to be a big steamimg pile of poop.  For instance: “I don’t want to Robocop 3 you, but … Continue reading

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