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My 3 Favorite Christmas Traditions

As I reflect on Christmas’ of yesteryear, I fondly envision the traditions, tried and true, that occupy my mind on these chilly winter nights.  It puts me in a mood that makes me feel drunk with sentiments and warms my soul. It helps me realize just how little clothes I have on while I’m standing … Continue reading

Click, whooooooooo…….

The phone conversation went something like this… “You and Maddy had better hope nothing ever happens to me,” Sara said. “Why, will something also happen to all the fast food restaurants?” I replied. And she’s like, “Whatever, I’ll talk to you later.” Then who was Phone? And I’m like “Yeah, ‘whatever’ you!” And she says … Continue reading

An Interview Without The Vampire

I can’t tell you how I stumbled down this road, but here I was.  I was in an old church belfry, waiting to meet with a man….. nay, beast more like it.  I was given a note a fort night ago to meet in this very spot at one past midnight.  I arrived early, as to … Continue reading

In The Winter Dark

8 more days.  That was all he had to wait and he would certainly be rescued….right? In the last couple of weeks, the temperatures had slowly dropped below 10 degrees, 5 degrees, and now below 0.  He had only a weeks worth of rations to start with.  It’s amazing how frugal a person can become … Continue reading

The Return Of Jack The Ripper (Or Somebody Else, Maybe)

I think that my new neighbor is either some sort of magician or he is Jack the Ripper. I first saw him the evening that we were moving in.  From a distance, it looked as if he were wearing a cape and a top hat.  As I moved closer, it became apparent that he was … Continue reading

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