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The 12 worst historical inaccuracies in Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Killing Lincoln’

Bill O’Reilly is no stranger to controversy, but this time it’s his book that’s under fire.  O’Reilly’s best-seller ‘Killing Lincoln’ has been banned from many popular Lincoln attractions, due to what his critics call ‘inaccuracies.’  O’Reilly is defending his work, saying the mistakes are minor and that his enemies are trying to slow his book … Continue reading

8 Near Disasters At The Founding Of Our Nation

-George Washington was nearly killed when the other founding fathers powdered his wig with gun powder as a prank and then handed him a cigar -The first draft of the Constitution called for presidential elections to be held every ten minutes on the 8’s. -The original plan was to make all of the States 3 … Continue reading

Film Review: 9 Confusing Moments in ‘Lincoln’

Steven Spielberg’s new film ‘Lincoln is set to hit theaters this November.  The movie is a biographical drama about America’s greatest President and critics believe it will be a box office smash.  I got a chance to catch a sneak peek of this film, however, and I’m not so sure it will do well.  Here … Continue reading

Sucker I removed from Armageddon is growing

Dear Tim, I am a great admirer of your posts. But imagine the torrent of emotion I experienced when a notification with the title: ‘Sucker I removed from Armageddon is growing’ appeared in my mail box and it turned out NOT to be one of yours. Apart from the natural disappointment I felt, having had … Continue reading

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