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Got Raptured This Week

So like a lot of people, I got raptured this week. Actually, to be honest with you, I didn’t get raptured so much as I grabbed onto the leg of someone I saw getting raptured. Man, that was a long trip up, especially with all of the kicking that guy did.  I was pretty banged … Continue reading

The Soul

As Harold was dying, he caught a glimpse of his soul leaving his body and departing for hell through the floor. “Oh no you don’t!” Harold said, grabbing his soul by the ankle and tossing it towards Heaven. Unfortunately for Harold, he couldn’t throw that high and his soul came plopping back to the floor. … Continue reading

Weekend Reflections: Free Trips To Heaven

On the way home today, I passed by a church with a sign outside that read “Free Trips To Heaven, Details Inside.” Curious, I pulled into the parking lot and walked in. “What about these free trips to Heaven?” I asked the pastor. “Yeah,” The pastor replied, pulled out a gun and shot me.

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