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10 Other Things Not To Bring To A Gunfight

Has anyone ever heard the phrase “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”?  It is thrown around a lot where I work.  I have taken the liberty of listing a few other things that are unacceptable to bring to gunfights: 1.  Jello. 2.  Canned Yams. 3.  Sticks and/or stones (They just break bones.) 4.  Words. 5.  A … Continue reading

Outgunned, outmanned, cornered & I have to poop

Well this was a tight spot.  I’d been hunkered down behind that old wagon for almost an hour.  Every once in a while a bullet would slice through the air an inch or two from my face.  I knew to conserve my ammo.  Years of experience. I’ve been in this position many times in my … Continue reading

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