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Running Through The Sprinkler

As I ran through the sprinkler I felt a sharp pain, like a thousand needles pounding through my skin.  Then I realized, it wasnt a sprinkler I ran through, but instead, a plate glass window

7 Little Known Facts

1. When the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile peels out it, smells like burnt hot dogs 2. Adding the words “for clowns” after the name of any product greatly reduces your ability to market that product. 3. Adding ‘potamus’ to the end of any person’s name generally decreases that person’s credibility 4. When somebody complains that you’ve … Continue reading

Life Is One Big Game

I’m not sure how many of you know what I do for a living, but I can tell you that it involves taking people to jail. Last night, I was burning the midnight oil when a call came in.  There was  someone strutting around naked downtown.  The suspect was described as a black and white, mustachioed male … Continue reading

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