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The Frustrated Bird Caller

If you’re a bird caller, probably the most frustrating thing is when the girl you’re out with starts talking about her friend Caw and you ask “Caw who?” and the restaurant is suddenly flooded with crows and owls.

The Frustrated 1950’s Ghost

If you’re a ghost in the 1950’s, probably the most frustrating thing is when you’ve just invested all of this time and effort into learning how to turn television sets on and off by themselves, only to find out some idiot has just invented the remote control.

The Frustrated Gold Prospector

If you’re a gold prospector, probably the most frustrating thing is when you run all the way down a mountain side after hearing a fellow prospector shout “GOLD! A ha ha ha ha ha ha!” only to learn you had just caught the tail end of a joke in which the punchline was ‘gold.’

The Frustrated Dictator

If you’re a dictator, probably the most frustrating thing is when you send your main General a text message ordering him to gather 100 slaves and auto-correct changes the word “slaves” to “plates.”

The Frustrated Snake Charmer

I bet probably the most frustrating thing for a snake charmer is when you’re about to begin the snake charming process and some idiot in a sports car drives by blasting snake charming music that is way too fast and your snake bolts up to the lid of the basket and is knocked unconscious.

The Frustrated Plumber

If you’re a plumber, I bet probably the most frustrating thing is when a customer keeps calling you “Mario” just because of your profession, your blue overalls, your moustache and the fact that you stepped on his pet turtle.

The Frustrated Pirate

If you’re ever captured by pirates and you’re forced to walk the plank, it’s probably incredibly frustrating for them if you act like you’re not scared.  It’s probably even more frustrating if you quickly swim around and climb up the back of the ship and then when the captain returns to his quarters, there you … Continue reading

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