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The Halloween When I Was Chased By The Headless Horseman

I’ll never forget the Halloween when I was chased by the Headless Horseman. He finally tackled me at the 30 yard line. “Who is this guy?!” our quarterback Pete yelled at the refs.  “Illegal substitution!” Apparently the Headless Horseman didn’t like Pete’s argument because he grabbed Pete by the facemask and drew his sword.  Yellow … Continue reading

8 Offensive NFL Celebrations Now Banned By League Rules

As you may have heard, the NFL has launched a crackdown on end-zone celebrations.  This comes after a season that was full of outlandish dances and offensive demonstrations.  Below are 8 offensive & excessive celebrations players won’t be able to execute this year because of those rules. Touchdown against the Patriots: Scoring opponent pretends to … Continue reading

The End Of Football

(A football game.  A pile of football players struggle to recover a fumbled ball.  The ref runs in blowing his whistle) REF: (over PA) Ball fumbled, recovered by the defense. (Player #1 rushes over to the Ref, furious) PLAYER #1: That’s crap, ref! That ball is ours! REF:  The ball was recovered by the defense, … Continue reading

The Time Brett Favre Saved Our Little League Football Game

When I was about 12 or so, my pee-wee football team made it to the league’s annual championship game. Our kicker, little Jimmy McDugan had just returned after suffering months in the hospital with an injury to his foot.  This was his moment.  Our team had just scored a touchdown, tying the game and it … Continue reading

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