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“Timeline Travel” – The Greatest Facebook Prank Of All Time

Last week, a coworker, sitting 10 feet away called me. “Someone ‘liked’ an old picture of me and now suddenly everybody is ‘liking’ it.  How do I stop it?” she asked. “I don’t think you can,” I responded and then I ‘liked’ the picture as well. “Tim!” she shouted. “Great picture!” I added a comment. … Continue reading

10 Signs Of Zombie Apocalypse In The Smartphone Age

Many of us spend so much time staring at our smartphones that we don’t notice anything that’s going on around us. So if Zombie Apocalypse were to happen while you are staring into your phone, it would be hard to notice it. Luckily, there are telltale signs you can watch out for on social networks, … Continue reading

“Congratulations Miami Heat!” And Other Status Updates That Will Piss Off Your Facebook Friends

LeBron James & The Miami Heat were crowned NBA Champions on Thursday night and unless you live in Southern Florida, you probably noticed, your Facebook friends weren’t happy about the news. In fact, a sure-fire way of sparking outrage would be to post your hearty congratulations to the team and say their championship is well deserved.  Here are other status updates that are … Continue reading

10 Things I Would Never Do On Facebook (And Neither Should You)

As you know, everyone and their brother and their boss and the boss’ mother have a Facebook account nowadays.  There are almost a billion people on Facebook, posting all kinds of random stuff, and I I think there should be certain limits to what we post there.  While I don’t imagine myself an expert on Facebook … Continue reading

To All Of My MySpace ‘Friends’ Who Didn’t Wish Me A Happy Birthday

Last year, on my birthday, I made a sobering discovery.  Not all of my Facebook ‘friends’ had bothered to wish me a happy birthday, despite the fact that such a gesture only takes 5 seconds to post and an average of an hour and 25 minutes to compose after just one week of preparation and … Continue reading

The 5 Worst Facebook Friends

Facebook is great way to keep up with old friends. Lately, however, it seems that some have started abusing the social media site and subjecting their friends to horrible postings. I’ve indentified the five worst culprits below: 1.The Play-By-Play Announcer – I’m so glad to read that you’re “home.” I know I haven’t spoken to … Continue reading

To all of my Facebook “friends” who didn’t wish me a happy birthday

Dear “Friend,” Birthdays are a very special time in a man’s life.  They’re  a time when he can look at himself in the mirror with pride and say “I made it through another year without getting killed.” Yesterday, in particular, was a very important birthday for me.  I turned 35 and can finally run for … Continue reading

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