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Diary Of A Mad Ex-President – Chapter 3: The Jerk I Beat 4 Years Ago

Dear Diary, First of all,China’s definitely not lookin’ for a leader.  Their president seemed insulted when I asked. Second, I found out something horrible and unbelievable today.  I was sittin’ there this morning watchin’ Monday Night Football, when I decided to do somethin’ I hadn’t done in years.  Watch the news. See, I figured they’d … Continue reading

Diary Of A Mad Ex-President

Dear Diary, First, I wanna clear somethin’ up.  I’m gonna call you ‘Di’ from now on.  That’s gonna save a lot of people a lot of time.  It’s gonna save me time writin’ and it’s gonna save our readers time because they won’t have to be readin’ extra letters and tryin’ to anticipate what the … Continue reading

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