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AOAP EXCLUSIVE: A one-on-one interview with the internet

Recently I had a chance to sit down with one of the most connected entities out there, The Internet.  With its tendency to talk to much after throwing back a few to its well-meaning intrusions into your personal lives, The Internet gets down to the 1’s and 0’s of it all. Jason Gooley:  Thank you. … Continue reading

A Wasp Stings, Then Cyber-Bullies My Friend Jim

The other day, my buddy Jim posted the below photo on Facebook: Feeling bad for my friend and having a strong disdain for wasps myself, I decided to immediately seek medical advice for Jim. After an intensive Google search, I was stunned to find that someone had posted the same exact photo.  I clicked the … Continue reading

Top Ten Rejected Apple Products For 2013

The Apple development team has been hard at work trying to develop the next big thing for 2013. Lately though the team’s ideas have become questionable. Some have blamed it on lack of leadership. Some have blamed it on complacency. Army of Awesome People has acquired a list of the top ten rejected products for … Continue reading

I Ask Siri About A Robotic Uprising, My Electricity Goes Out – Coincidence???

I’m a little late to the game, but I recently acquired Apple’s robotic helper, Siri. Let me just say, things were tense right from the start. I asked Siri what the weather would be like tomorrow. She responded “It’s not looking good.  Partly cloudy and 29 degrees.” The fact that Siri interjected her opinion that … Continue reading

The 5 Worst Facebook Friends

Facebook is great way to keep up with old friends. Lately, however, it seems that some have started abusing the social media site and subjecting their friends to horrible postings. I’ve indentified the five worst culprits below: 1.The Play-By-Play Announcer – I’m so glad to read that you’re “home.” I know I haven’t spoken to … Continue reading

Is This The First Step In A Robotic Uprising?

I think it is completely unfair when someone gets mad at a computer and then takes it out on the monitor.  A monitor, as we all know, is just a patsy.  It is manipulated by the computer like a puppet and we just sit back and laugh. “Oh just look at how funny it is … Continue reading

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