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“Do Not Attempt.” An Open Letter To ‘Allstate’

Dear Allstate, I am a man of few wants, so it is rare that a commercial makes an impression upon me.  However, two months ago, I was watching television (‘Friends’ rerun, the one where Chandler was killed), when I saw one of your advertisements, featuring a man, dressed as a hot water heater, claiming he … Continue reading

#FalseAdvertising – An Open Letter To Flintstones Vitamins

Dear Flintstones Vitamins, I remember the first time I had ever heard of your product. I was 6 years old and an older bully had been picking on me relentlessly on the playground. “Here, take these,” a shady looking 6th grader held out his hand. “They’ll make you big and strong.” In his palm were … Continue reading

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