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The Lonesome Road

The weary traveller had seen many things in his long, long journey but none compared to the sight of that cabin on the hill with an inviting plume of smoke coming from it’s stone chimney. As the traveller approached the front door, he was greeted by an old soul, the owner of the cabin.  “Folks call … Continue reading

That’s What She (Actually) Said

I’m pretty sure all Americans either say, “That’s what she said,” or hear the phrase about a googooplex times a day. I’ve found, however, that when people say “that’s what she said” it more often than not turns out that “she” didn’t say anything like that. So, I went to the local Cracker Barrel to conduct … Continue reading

The Literal Occurrences Of Myron Clockwork: Myron Has Breakfast

It was just another normal morning for Myron, but he, as always, greeted the day with trepidation. You see, Myron often experiences situations of literal context by others. Myron thought it would be fun this particular day to hop on his Hampton Cruiser and ride to his local International House of Flapjacks to enjoy some … Continue reading

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