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I’m Going To Get You – An Open Letter To My Car’s Bluetooth

Dear Bluetooth, Our relationship has been rocky from the start. First of all, I lost touch with my friend Hansel because of you.  You wouldn’t permit me to call him. Below is an example of one of my attempts: Me: Call Bluetooth: Call using Tim’s phone, please say the name tag Me: Hansel Bluetooth: Cancel. … Continue reading

The Frustrated Car Owner

If you own a car that is also a Transformer, probably the most frustrating thing is when you’re driving and you’re just about to pull into work, when your car suddenly transforms and slowly walks you back home.

Please Read Before Trying To Turn Your Car Into A Transformer

It probably comes as a shock to no one that I have been trying to turn my car into some workable form of a Transformer.  My first attempt at this resulted in getting the transforming part right (the sound effects and everything) but when it was finished, my car had transformed into a garden hose with … Continue reading

My Pet Monkey Ruined My Car

I was just about to head out to get an oil change the other day when I heard some clanking and clamoring coming from the garage.  I opened to door and turned on the light to see nothing out of the ordinary.  Then, all of the sudden, my pet monkey Chip Dip slid out from … Continue reading

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