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A Day Filled With Zombies And Robots

I was at one of those party supply stores when a most peculiar thing happened. I had to get to some paper plates.  They happened to be right in front of what I presumed to be a sales clerk who was stocking the shelves.  I kind of made my way over there making it apparent … Continue reading

Is There A Worse Company Than Comcast?

First, a confession. About 90% of what I post on here is bullsh*t (*=i). However, sometimes in life you are victimized to the point that you wonder if you have somehow ended up in a Monty Python skit.  When this happens to me, one can invariably deduce with success that I have been forced to … Continue reading

When I’m A Ghost – Corporate Edition

As Army of Awesome People’s Lindsay Tacia rightly points out, most ghosts spend the afterlife, haunting people in boring, lazy and cliched manners (see My Plans For When I’m A Ghost, More Plans For When I’m A Ghost). One must put some effort into one’s ghostly abilities and I agree. However, I began to think, what if I … Continue reading

My Actual Online War With Pepsi. Real Emails With Real Responses

Below is an actual email correspondence between myself and the Pepsi corporation: May 24th, 2002 Dear Cola Geniuses, For years I have enjoyed the crisp refreshing taste of your fine pepsi products.  It truly is the choice of the next generation, and, as I always say to my family (all Coke drinkers), “nothing beats a Pepsi.”  A massive family feud often ensues, … Continue reading

The Frustrated Gold Prospector

If you’re a gold prospector, probably the most frustrating thing is when you run all the way down a mountain side after hearing a fellow prospector shout “GOLD! A ha ha ha ha ha ha!” only to learn you had just caught the tail end of a joke in which the punchline was ‘gold.’

“Hey Bob, am I fired?” A More Comprehensive Review Of A College Landscaping Business Venture

“Hey Bob, am I fired?”  They were the first words out of my mouth every morning. “No your not fired, how could you be?”  He would reply.  “And thanks for getting my name right!” Bob had been my best friend for ten years and all he ever wanted was to be the boss of something. … Continue reading

Job Hunt Trickery: How Employers Are Using The Soft Economy To Pull Heartless Pranks

Finding a job in this tough economy can be difficult and frustrating.  Unfortunately, some employers are using the recession as an opportunity to pull heartless pranks.  I learned this lesson during a recent interview I had with a Mister Armstrong at the rocking chair factory.  I was as nervous as could be, but tried to … Continue reading

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