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The Pitfalls of Being Superman

While recently watching the classic Superman film from 1978 it struck me at the end of the movie that logic was not one of Superman’s superpowers. Why did Superman think that by flying super fast around the world to make it spin in the opposite direction would make time go backwards to save Lois Lane’s … Continue reading

Nothin’ Quite Like Hot Bread

So I visited a restaurant this weekend called Nothin’ Quite Like Hot Bread. My wife and I were seated, ordered drinks and reviewed the menu. As we were deciding what to have from the menu, the server dropped off a basket of bread for us to enjoy. Mmmm…. Nothin’ quite like hot bread indeed I … Continue reading

Darth Brother From Another Mother?

Around the globe, Star Wars fans consider George Lucas to be a genius. I’m certainly not exempt from agreeing with my statement as well. Still a Star Wars nerd to this day and proud to proclaim it from the top of the Ewok village. Well, even a genius has struggles from time-to-time. Knowing that I’m … Continue reading

Americans Are Feeling Totally Aussie

It’s an exciting time in America right now. Americans across the country have Aussie fever as a new Hollywood star has emerged with the release of Crocodile Dundee… Paul Hogan. One can hear Americans everywhere throwing out Australian slang – at home, at Outback Steakhouse, in the reptile house at the zoo, in the men’s … Continue reading

Wyatt Earp a.k.a. Wyatt Burp

The day started dry, sunny and full of whirling dust that often became dirt devils sweeping through the town, which led to a late morning of tumble weeds blowin’ through the streets. The tumble weeds and dirt devils gave way to a stormy afternoon; and when the rain drops the cowboys and skirts head straight … Continue reading

Lessons In Landscaping Learned The Hard Way – True Stories From 1995 Lawn Boy

If your boss is drunk by lunch and demands to have sunscreen rubbed on his drunken back, don’t laugh at the poor sap that get’s stuck doing it and call him “Lotion Boy”. One day “Lotion Boy” is going to quit and someone will have to take his place.

Movie classics you’ve seen that need sequels. That’s right, sequels, plural

With the box office successes of the Batman and Transformer films, movie executives should realize that sequels are always hits.  Since the dawn of film, there have been several successful movies that did well at the box office, but were never sequelized.  Sometimes, studios just don’t know how to continue on with a classic.  Luckily, we have … Continue reading

The Lamest Super Power Ever

As a kid I had always wanted to have super powers. I would dream of what it would be like to be able to fly, be invisible or have super human strength. I was absolutely certain that I would develop a super power some day and waited with great anticipation, waking up every morning trying … Continue reading

9 Problems Caused By The Massive Solar Storm

The Earth is feeling the effects of the most powerful solar storm in years.  There are concerns that massive flares from the sun over the next few days could disrupt communication systems, shutdown power grids, wreak havoc on GPS devices, ruin beepers and shutdown MySpace and Classmates.com.  However, there are several other side effects you … Continue reading

Click, whooooooooo…….

The phone conversation went something like this… “You and Maddy had better hope nothing ever happens to me,” Sara said. “Why, will something also happen to all the fast food restaurants?” I replied. And she’s like, “Whatever, I’ll talk to you later.” Then who was Phone? And I’m like “Yeah, ‘whatever’ you!” And she says … Continue reading

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