James Miller

James Miller is author of Basie & Paisley Children's Books, including "A Spider Lives In My Belly Button," "A Monstrous Smile," and "A Moose In The Basement."
James Miller has written 32 posts for Army Of Awesome People

Hunger Games Q&A

Recently, we sat down with Suzanne Collins to discuss Hunger Games, which, as we’re told, she authored and became a blockbuster hit. So far, we have been unable to verify that information, and we clear the air with Suzanne. AOAP:   Suzanne thanks for joining us today. Is that your real name? Suzanne? SC:          What? Yes, of course … Continue reading

Wyatt Earp a.k.a. Wyatt Burp

The day started dry, sunny and full of whirling dust that often became dirt devils sweeping through the town, which led to a late morning of tumble weeds blowin’ through the streets. The tumble weeds and dirt devils gave way to a stormy afternoon; and when the rain drops the cowboys and skirts head straight … Continue reading

Tender Moments with Honey Badger

Well, we did it. It took some doing, but we finally finagled an intimate one-on-one with the infamous Honey Badger. Considering he’s never entertained the notion of an interview, we are all very grateful he chose the Army of Awesome People to be his first; and hey, hey, my, my – this was an experience … Continue reading

Little Grey Hoodie Wolf

In a secluded village of wolves – who walk on two-legs, talk and wear hoodies – one particular wolf, named Roger, was alerted that his grandmother had fallen ill. Roger contacted his grandmother via walkie-talkie to let her know he would soon be there with medicine and food for her. “Grandmother, I’m concerned you’re sick. … Continue reading

Untold Tall Tales of Paul Bunyan: By the Beard of Paul Bunyan

There are many stories about ole Paul Bunyan and his noble four-legged beast, Babe the Blue Ox, that have been shared by a flickering campfire for generations. We, here at the Army of Awesome People, continue to be the benefactors of many exclusive, rare and never-before-seen journals, which we are grateful to accept. Paul Bunyan’s … Continue reading

BLAST from the past

Recently, while taking a journey down memory lane – it’s a lovely road by the way if you ever want to take the scenic route – I was reminded of a visit I made to the photo department back in the 1990s. It was a time full of 35mm film that you could purchase for … Continue reading

Love Note from the Obsessed

We love to unearth amazing discoveries with historical significance to share with our loyal readers from the formation of classic jokes to the true meaning behind actions such as pulling someone’s finger. Well today’s post continues our run of Army of Awesome People found historical items, which is a love letter from 1702. This note … Continue reading

Journal of classic jokes discovered

While recently perusing a garage sale searching for antique sieves, we came across a journal of significant importance. This journal contains hundreds, if not thousands, of jokes. What makes this so special and rare of a find is that these are all jokes in progress created by the original author of jokes, that today, we … Continue reading

Chief Scientologist Announces New Practices for 2012

The Army of Awesome People (AoAP) sat down for a one-on-one chat with the Church of Scientology’s chief operating thetan (COT) to get the scoop on the big changes. AoAP:   Why the big announcement? COT:      We want Earthlings (people) to know we’re going to be focused on having fun in the New Year. AoAP:   … Continue reading

CONSUMER ALERT: Beware of candy canes that double as actual canes

Candy Canes, a German based cane company, founded by Herr Pfefferminze, is in a taste of trouble. With a seemingly brilliant idea, Candy Canes, more or less a fly-by-night company, set up operations this December to benefit from the holiday season to capitalize on merry spenders. There have been reports of the people falling all … Continue reading

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