James Miller

James Miller is author of Basie & Paisley Children's Books, including "A Spider Lives In My Belly Button," "A Monstrous Smile," and "A Moose In The Basement."
James Miller has written 33 posts for Army Of Awesome People

Hide & Seek With Ghosts

As a child, I used to often play hide and seek with Gasper the Friendly Ghost. We would hide and seek every chance we had. We played in the bayou, in the thicket, in the swamps of sadness, in corn fields and on rainy days we would play in the house. Gasper was always really … Continue reading

My Favorite Wolf T-Shirt

Like everyone, I have a favorite t-shirt. It’s my wolf tee; and that shirt and me have been through a lot of great times together. Some of the more memorable events my shirt and I shared include the time I went on a hike in the woods and happened upon a pack of coyotes. Those … Continue reading

Robots Don’t Eat Cookies

As I was looking through some of my random old interview notes this past weekend I found one that I felt would be worth sharing. A few years ago I sat down with George Lucas to discuss the empire he built, Star Wars, and some of his original thoughts for the Star Wars movies that … Continue reading

Detroit Lions to Win Super Bowl

If you haven’t yet heard, Bill Ford, Jr., great-grandson of Henry Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company and Detroit Lions vice chairman, vowed that the bums Detroit Lions will win a Super Bowl. What Ford, Jr. didn’t share is what we, here at Army of Awesome People, were fortunate enough to obtain. Ford, Jr. … Continue reading

The Pitfalls of Being Superman

While recently watching the classic Superman film from 1978 it struck me at the end of the movie that logic was not one of Superman’s superpowers. Why did Superman think that by flying super fast around the world to make it spin in the opposite direction would make time go backwards to save Lois Lane’s … Continue reading

Nothin’ Quite Like Hot Bread

So I visited a restaurant this weekend called Nothin’ Quite Like Hot Bread. My wife and I were seated, ordered drinks and reviewed the menu. As we were deciding what to have from the menu, the server dropped off a basket of bread for us to enjoy. Mmmm…. Nothin’ quite like hot bread indeed I … Continue reading

The Literal Occurrences Of Myron Clockwork: Myron Has Breakfast

It was just another normal morning for Myron, but he, as always, greeted the day with trepidation. You see, Myron often experiences situations of literal context by others. Myron thought it would be fun this particular day to hop on his Hampton Cruiser and ride to his local International House of Flapjacks to enjoy some … Continue reading

The Zank – A Poem

There it was, caught in the clutches of the dreaded Pirate Long Mustache, The Zank. It had zigged. It had zagged. It had even zugged. But, when The Zank went for a zeg that’s when Long Mustache kicked out his peg leg from behind the rum keg. “Bam. That’s that. You’re mine now Zank,” Long … Continue reading

Darth Brother From Another Mother?

Around the globe, Star Wars fans consider George Lucas to be a genius. I’m certainly not exempt from agreeing with my statement as well. Still a Star Wars nerd to this day and proud to proclaim it from the top of the Ewok village. Well, even a genius has struggles from time-to-time. Knowing that I’m … Continue reading

Americans Are Feeling Totally Aussie

It’s an exciting time in America right now. Americans across the country have Aussie fever as a new Hollywood star has emerged with the release of Crocodile Dundee… Paul Hogan. One can hear Americans everywhere throwing out Australian slang – at home, at Outback Steakhouse, in the reptile house at the zoo, in the men’s … Continue reading

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