Randy Shy

I am an award-winning producer in Indianapolis with a passion for writing and making people laugh. If you ever run into me on the streets, there's a good chance I will have just made someone laugh -- perhaps not you, not yet. But your day will come!
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Police in San Francisco are still trying to figure out who swiped a zoo favorite from the San Francisco Zoo last week (see the NPR report). “Banana Sam,” a squirrel monkey, was returned by a bystander who says he found the simian about a mile from the zoo. He (the animal, not the bystander) was … Continue reading

DIARIES OF A WANDERER (subtitle: Thoughts On A New Day)

I put in another nine-hour day at my job at the station. Many stories I wrote this morning piqued my interest. One of them was a story about a Phoenix man “devastated” after the Arizona Humane Society euthanized his cat. He took “Scruffy” the cat, recently renamed “Stiffy,” to the society for treatment of a … Continue reading

HOLIDAY HEADLINES: Twas the good news week before Christmas

First, we have to celebrate the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. The longtime communist leader died of a massive heart attack last weekend. He was 69. We’re talking about his age, folks, not the position in which he was found. With his death comes a frightening uncertainty around the world about the … Continue reading

10 things you can’t afford to be WITHOUT at a gunfight

Last week we showed you the 10 other things you should never bring with you to a gunfight.   Unfortunately, many of you went to gunfights underprepared, and most of you were killed.  We felt it our responsibility to post the 10 things you can’t afford to be without at a gunfight. 10. CANNED YAMS – Ever … Continue reading

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