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An Ostensibly Funny Commentary* of the Recent News and Events. (* warning! may not actually be funny or a commentary. Also, since I am not quite sure what "ostensibly" means, it might not be "ostensibly" either.) Blogging at listofx.com
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9 Ways To Make Your Own Funeral Fun

Funerals are generally thought of as glum and solemn affairs, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Here are some things you can try to make your own funeral fun with a little planning. (Disclaimer: DO NOT attempt to make someone else’s funeral fun without prior consent, as some people’s ghosts have no … Continue reading

What If Eagles Wrote A Song About Christmas…

Everyone knows the song Hotel California by Eagles.  But did you ever wonder how the song would sound if Eagles wrote it as a Christmas song? On a dark Christmas evening, cool wind in my hair Warm smell of milk and cookies, rising up through the air Up above in the chimney, I saw a … Continue reading

Guest Post: Six Hit Songs That Make Absolutely No Sense

This week we’re featuring a guest post by one our favorite blogger’s, List Of X (check out his site here – we command you) We rarely listen to pop music for its lyrics.  There is a reason for that: if we start listening, it’s too easy to notice just how little sense some of these … Continue reading

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