Army Store: Books By Tim Kochenderfer

Published works by Tim Kochenderfer:

Breaking News, by Tim Kochenderfer (Playscripts, Inc):

Channel Eight is Detroit’s least-watched newscast. The ratings are lower than
ever, the viewers are leaving their TVs off so they don’t accidentally tune in,
the writers are adding on-air fights to the anchors’ scripts, and the reporters
can’t tell a story to save their lives. As a last-ditch effort, the station
hires a news director with a plan to make Channel Eight number one. What the
station doesn’t realize is that his plan involves a reporter being killed on
air. Will the Channel Eight news team catch on to his diabolical scheme? Or will
it turn out that the best way to break news is to fix it? Find out, straight

Pirates Of The Great Lakes, by Tim Kochenderfer (Playscripts, Inc):

Arrrr matey, the year is 1782 and Johann Andreas’ family business on the shores
of Lake Huron is in trouble. For some reason nobody wants to stay at “Andreas
Wasp Infested Inn.” Luckily for Johann, Captain Short Fuse Composure arrives on
the scene, having been stranded by a band of pirates who mistook Michigan for an
island. In his possession is a treasure map, and he promises Johann a share of
the loot if he can assemble a crew and reach the treasure in advance of his
arch-rival, the dreaded Burgundy Beard. Between dealing with Captain Short Fuse
Composure’s fear of North Atlantic Sea Tigers, an idiotic crew, and a complete
lack of knowledge about the sea, will it be possible for Johann to find the
treasure, get the girl, charm her father, stop tripping over things, and save
his family business?

Kochenderfer’s Dracula by Tim Kochenderfer (Playscripts, Inc)

Count Dracula seems like just another customer to bumbling real estate salesman
Jonathan Harker. Well, except for his really long fangs, his lack of a
reflection, his fear of garlic and crosses, and his intolerance for sunlight.
But when the Count holds Jonathan captive and pursues a romantic relationship
with his fiancee, believing she is his long-lost bride, well that’s enough to
make any man want to drive a stake through someone’s heart.

Kochenderfer’s Frankenstein, by Tim Kochenderfer (Playscripts, Inc)

Adjusting to university life can be tough, especially if you’re a monster
accidentally created by a college student. When Victor Frankenstein finishes his
creation after misreading a class assignment, he takes off for a party, only to
later find that the monster has come to life and has escaped on campus. The
Creature learns some harsh lessons (such as monsters aren’t allowed to join
sororities) and quickly begins wreaking havoc on Victor’s life, killing his
loved ones and embarrassing him in front of his friends. College just got a lot
more stressful for Victor Frankenstein.

The Search For Cindy, by Tim Kochenderfer (Playscripts, Inc)

Tim decides that the best way to express his love for Cindy is to get her name
tattooed on his back. But when she ends the relationship, Tim realizes that he’s
doomed to date only girls named Cindy for the rest of his life. Breaking up just
got harder.

The Lost Soul Of Captain Composure, by Tim Kochenderfer (Playscripts, Inc)

Pirate Captain Jack “Shortfuse” Composure thinks he’s gotten the best of a sassy
mermaid when she offers him a fortune in exchange for his soul and he gives her
an empty canteen instead. But the joke may be on the Captain when his soul turns
up in the hands of the dastardly Le Mew and his easily offended group of French
sailors. Composure must decide whether to save his treasure and his own motley
crew, or risk his life to keep his soul. Loosely based on Thornton Wilder’s
playlet Leviathan, this short play brings hilarity to the high seas!

The Fish Story: A Young Man’s Search For The Truth, By Tim Kochenderfer (Playscripts, Inc)

Tim’s whole family would agree that his uncle drinks like a fish. As time
progressed, Tim began noticing other things about his uncle, such as flippers,
gills and a tail. Finally, one day Tim realized: his uncle was, in fact, a fish.
Now the only problem is, no one in his family believes him. Neither an
incompetent oceanographer, a hot-headed government teacher, nor an inexperienced
gang of pirates can stop Tim on his quest for the truth.

Sketch Night: 10 Comedy Skits For Teens, By Tim Kochenderfer (Brooklyn Publishers)

Follow the school day in the form of sketch comedy. It begins with the principal
apologizing for some bizarre incidents and setting some unusual goals and
proceeds to biology class, where a student insists his lab partner is a frog. At
lunch time, a guy’s repeated attempts to hit on the new girl end with some
embarrassing escapades, much to the embarrassment of his friends. Then it’s on
to Driver’s Education, where the instructor’s simulations get a little too real.
Next, we head out to football practice, which turns into a beauty pageant, and
what curriculum would be complete without a class on How to Rob a Doughnut
Store? Finally, a teacher utilizes the theater department to prove to some
parents that their children don’t pay attention in class. Sketch Night is
a collection of skits that are perfect for teens

Canned Hamlet By Tim Kochenderfer, (Playscripts, Inc)

Life ain’t easy for Hamlet. His dad’s a ghost, his mother’s an adulterer, and he
can’t make it through a soliloquy without being interrupted. Canned
is a one-act satirical spoof of Shakespeare’s original.

I’m Not Ebenezer Scrooge! By Tim Kochenderfer (Playscripts, Inc)

The famous tale of Ebenezer Scrooge haunts an unsuspecting, slightly dimwitted,
modern-day penny pincher in this hilarious spoof of the quintessential Christmas
classic. After getting dumped on Christmas Eve, Carter’s holiday goes from bad
to worse when the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future mistake him for
Scrooge. After being dragged kicking and screaming through the legendary miser’s
life, Carter realizes he may share a similar fate.

Tracking Santa, By Tim Kochenderfer (Brooklyn Publishers)

While pulling the old “tracking Santa” gag on Christmas Eve, Channel 8
meteorologist, Eric Embers, discovers the station’s new computer system has
detected what he believes is the real Santa Claus. The producer sends
Phil, a burned-out reporter, to check out the report, but Angela, an overzealous
fill-in anchor, and Eric sneak out of the station to try and get the scoop.
Thanks to a blizzard, a series of car crashes, and a hypnotized photographer who
thinks he’s a chicken, the news team finds themselves stranded miles away from
the station with just hours to go until the newscast. Will they find Santa and
make the deadline? Find out in this Christmas comedy.

Old Macbeth Had A Farm, By Tim Kochenderfer (Playscripts, Inc)

Mr. Macbeth has a bright future at Colonel Duncan’s Chicken Shack — especially
after murdering the CEO, seizing the reins of the company, killing off his
colleagues, and being assured by a coven of witches that he can’t be harmed.
What could possibly go wrong? (A one-act version of
this play is also available.)

Othello & The Boy Band Venice, By Tim Kochenderfer (Playscripts, Inc)

It’s not just fate working against the celebrity marriage of pop stars Othello
and Desdemona. Iago, a frustrated member of Othello’s boy band “Venice,” thinks
he deserves more power in the group — so he sets out on a mission to advance
himself and destroy Othello’s marriage by whatever means necessary. All he needs
is a little whiskey, a small handkerchief, a temperamental wannabe Latino solo
artist, and a whole lot of jealousy, in this laugh-out-loud ridiculous parody of
Shakespeare’s original. (A one-act version of
this play is also available.)

Romeo, You Idiot By Tim Kochenderfer (Playscripts, Inc)

Nothing could come between Romeo and Juliet. Not the most bitter mafia
rivalries, nor the itchiest poison ivy, nor even the wooings of an alleged
vampire could tear them apart. Yes, the love of Romeo and Juliet could survive
anything. Well, except for poison. Romeo, You Idiot is a relentlessly
irreverent spoof of Shakespeare’s original. (A one-act version of
this play is also available.)

The Werewolf And His Problems, By Tim Kochenderfer (Playscripts, Inc)

Louis Garou returns home from war, eagerly anticipating his reunion with his
sweetheart Gabrielle. Unfortunately, his one true love has moved on to another
man. (While Louis was away, she misheard his message “Tell Gabrielle I love her”
as “I’ve been eaten by a giant catfish.”) Depressed, Louis decides to enter into
a pact with the devil to turn him into the most feared creature in the forest.
But being a werewolf can create a lot of stress. Also murderous rampages.

A Midsummer Vacations’ Nightmare, By Tim Kochenderfer (Playscripts, Inc)

Hermia is heading towards the worst summer vacation ever. Her principal has
given her a homework assignment that requires her to break up with her boyfriend
Lysander and date a guy she doesn’t like. In order to save their love and their
GPA, Hermia and Lysander must break into the school and transfer out of Athens
high. To do so however, they must first get past a boy who refuses to accept
rejection, an overzealous cheerleader, a magical janitor, and a meddling team of
fairies who live in the ceiling tiles of the school. Comedy quickly ensues in
this spoof of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. (A one-act version of
this play is also available.)


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