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My Idea For The Sequel To ‘Gravity’ – Or – Gravity II – Or Gravity TWO


The scene picks up right where GRAVITY (part 1) left off;
with George Clooney tumbling, shipless, through space.

                                   GEORGE CLOONEY
Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnndra!!!! I’ll
get you!!! Whoaaaaaa!!!!!!!

               Pull back to reveal George is careening towards a planet.
George turns back and notices this.  He begins paddling his
arms frantically, as if swimming.

                                   GEORGE CLOONEY (CONT’D)
No!  No, no, no, no…

               George is sucked, via gravity into the planet.

                                   GEORGE CLOONEY (CONT’D)
Damn you, gravity!

               George’s space suit begins to singe when he hits the

                                   GEORGE CLOONEY (CONT’D)
Ouch!!! The atmosphere!

               George enters the atmosphere and free-falls right into the

                                   GEORGE CLOONEY (CONT’D)
(clutches back in pain)

               Ah! My old football injury.

               George looks up to notice a bunch of Star Wars stuff going on
around him.  The title hits the screen, ‘GRAVITY.’  Some Star
Wars guy shoots it to pieces.  The title ‘PART TWO’ hits the
screen.  The same Star Wars guy shoots it to pieces.  Pause
here to allow the audience to applaud (Probably will need
about 45 seconds to a minute).

George notices the Star Wars guys have stopped fighting.
They are all staring at him giving him dirty looks.  He looks
down to notices he’s landing on one of the Star Wars guys,
Spock probably, crushing him.

George looks over to see Darth Vader.  George gives him a
smile, thinking Vader will at least be pleased about what
he’s done.  He is not.

                                   DARTH VADER
I’m not pleased with you either.


A formal party in George Clooney’s honor.  A bunch of Star
Wars guys dressed in formal ware are checking their watches.
A banner overhead reads, ‘WELCOME NEW GUY.’  George is late.
Really late.  Allow five minutes of real time to go by to
give the audience a taste of how late he is.

George Clooney busts through the door.  He’s dressed in
ripped jeans and a dirty t-shirt.

                                   GEORGE CLOONEY
What’s up, what’s up, what’s up?
Sorry I’m five minutes late.

                                   STAR WARS GUY
You are two hours late!

                                   DARTH VADER
Maybe it is time you depart for
your own planet.

               EXT. STAR WARS PLANET – NIGHT

George Clooney is sitting high on a teeter-totter, he has a
rocket pack on his back. A really fat Star Wars guy is
sitting on the lower position.

                                   GEORGE CLOONEY
Can’t we just use one of your

                                   STAR WARS GUY
What ships?!

               The fat Star Wars guy gets off of the teeter-totter, sending
Clooney crashing to the ground.

                                   GEORGE CLOONEY
(clutches back in pain)
Ah! My old football injury.

               Someone activates Clooney’s rocket pack.  He goes flying
towards space.

                                   GEORGE CLOONEY (CONT’D)
(shouting down)
Thanks for the lift!

                                   STAR WARS GUYS
(shouting up)
We don’t get it.

               10 YEARS LATER


George Clooney sits at some bar for washed-up astronauts.
You can tell ten years have passed because George Clooney has
a really long gray beard.

Enter Sandra Bullock.  She sees Clooney and is stunned.

                                   SANDRA BULLOCK
You! I thought I killed you!

                                   GEORGE CLOONEY
Honey, it would take a lot more
than that to kill me.
(awkward pause)
It would probably take a gun or
(awkward pause)
Hey, what do you say we go on one
more mission.  For old times sake?

                                   SANDRA BULLOCK
I wouldn’t have it any other way.

               EXT. SPACE – NIGHT

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are sitting side-by-side in
a rocket ship.

                                   GEORGE CLOONEY
I didn’t mean in Space!

               The words ‘THE END’ appear on screen.  Then a ‘?’ Appears
right after.

Have one of the actors tell the audience that the film has
ended because the title will likely create a lot of confusion
as to whether the movie is over.  Blow up the rocket ship if
you have to.


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2 thoughts on “My Idea For The Sequel To ‘Gravity’ – Or – Gravity II – Or Gravity TWO

  1. Once again, absolutely genius. Love you, Tim!

    Posted by Sean Worsley | January 6, 2015, 9:41 pm

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