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Rejected BuzzFeed Quiz Questions

Nothing is more popular on Facebook than those BuzzFeed Quizzes.  Thanks to those tests, I now know that if I were in Star Wars, I would be Darth Vader due to my fondness for 90’s alternative music and the color black, or that I would be a German Shepherd had I been a dog due … Continue reading

The Horrible, Horrible Time Brad Pitt Stopped By The Bar

Over the weekend, actor Brad Pitt stopped by the bar where I was enjoying an evening with some friends. Being as how I’ve already seen Brad Pitt in person several times; first, when he filmed a movie at my office , again when he worked out at my gym, another time at the coffee shop, … Continue reading

Top 5 Most Hilarious Letterman Moments – In Honor Of David Letterman’s Retirement

On Thursday, the greatest late night talk show host in television history, David Letterman, announced his retirement.  Here are our top five most hilarious Letterman moments. No particular order here.  They are all hilarious as hell. 5. Letterman works at Taco Bell.  4. The Madonna Interview – The greatest interview ever. 3. The Strong Guy, The Fat Guy, … Continue reading

10 Worst Inaccuracies In The Hollywood Movie “Noah”

This weekend, I have watched the movie Noah, and I have enjoyed the movie immensely. The movie was pretty close to the book, but I’ve noticed that the movie studio took quite a few liberties with the story. I did notice a few inconsistencies and disagreements with the original Biblical tale. So, at the risk of giving … Continue reading

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