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The 9 Biggest Disappointments In The Sixth Rocky Film

With the Oscars last night, now is the perfect time to go back through cinema history and take a look at some of the classics.  I decided to begin my journey by watching a film that movie buffs are always shocked to hear I have never seen, the sixth and arguably the best film in the Rocky series, ‘Rocky Balboa.’

Call me a rogue, but I found this film extremely disappointing.

Below are the 10 biggest surprises/disappointments in the movie.

1.Rocky is instantly killed by the first punch.

2. The disclaimer that the film is fiction and that senior citizens should not box is unnecessary.

3. The use of a mime as Rocky’s ring side trainer is confusing and very frustrating to watch.

4. The kissing scene when Rocky got locked up with his opponent should have been eliminated.

5. The first fight scene is clearly done with Rock-em Sock-em Robots.

6. About 20 minutes into the film, the plot inexplicably turns into a Rocky & Bullwinkle plot

7. The constant use of Rocky’s ‘new’ catch phrase ‘all that and a bag of chips’ is outdated and annoying.

8. The scene where Rocky trains using a kangaroo rather than a punching bag is just begging for controversy.

9. The scene where Rocky is bodyslammed by a female wrestler and spends the next five weeks in critical conditions seems a bit demeaning to Rocky’s character.

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