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The Time My Pet Monkey Ruined My Super Bowl Party

This past Sunday, my wife allowed me to host a Super Bowl Party with the guys.  Things were going great, until suddenly the cable signal went out. The guys all started growing anxious and didn’t seem interested in my suggestion that we pass the time by watching some of the ‘Project Runways’ my wife had … Continue reading

Killing Him Kindly

If I were a murderer, I think my weapon of choice would be kindness.  I would find a homeless person and take him to a nice 5 course dinner.  After that, we would go dancing and cap off the night with a handsome cab ride through central park. Soon enough, he would be lying face … Continue reading

The Rejected First Draft Of Target CEO’s Apology Letter

The Target corporation finds itself amid a PR nightmare.110 million of its customers may have had their personal information exposed to thieves due to that security breach.  The company’s new CEO is sending out a letter to customers, assuring them that the company is taking steps to protect them.  Unfortunately, the first draft of the letter didn’t go … Continue reading

7 Crappy Holidays In January

I’ve always felt that January sucks as a month. After the holiday-filled month of December, January seems to be a let-down.  This year, I did some research, and indeed there are a number of little-known holidays within January.  Unfortunately, they all suck too.  Here’s why: National Volunteer Blood Donor Month – This terrifies me, in … Continue reading

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