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Army Of Awesome People Turns 2

In 2011, when Army of Awesome People was launched, the world was a very different place. The internet was a relatively unexplored world, reserved almost exclusively for millionaires, rocket scientists and spies.
Our mission then was simple: Save the endangered Red Nile Hippo.
Flash forward two years and I’m ashamed to say our mission failed. Most of those hippos are either dead or horribly addicted to cocaine. None of them, it turns out, had access to the internet.
Today, we have a new mission. To bring the internet into the common era, making it tangible by removing that glass screen and keys and somehow do so by eliminating the painful electric shocks that would follow.
We’re talking about bringing the online experience to you on a flat, razor thin device made out of trees, where the words can’t simply just be erased or replaced and where you’re not tethered to a web, but rather to one single consistent page where no one can just send you messages and where, if someone wants to steal your identity, they’ll have to stick a gun in your face and shout “give me your identity, please!”
I thank you for your support and for continuing to follow Army of Awesome People.
Here’s to 2 more years. And not a single year more.

About Stickwick Stapers

I'm about yay-high and weigh about yay pounds


2 thoughts on “Army Of Awesome People Turns 2

  1. You are hilarious! You came up in my “you may like” list in the WordPress Reader and they were right!!!

    Posted by susielindau | December 3, 2013, 9:32 am

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