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The Sesame Street Files: Why the characters you loved as a child are no longer on the show

If you were like most children, you grew up watchingSesame Street.  If, however, for some reason you did not maintain your loyalty to the program well into adulthood, you would notice if you tuned in now that many of the characters you knew and loved are no longer on the show.  We decided to pay a visit to PBS and find out why.  However, we were severely beaten shortly after knocking on the door.  Luckily, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, we got the information we were looking for.

 The Sesame Street files:

Name:  Forgetful Jones

Known for: Constant bouts with short term and long term memory loss.

Why he is no longer on Sesame Street:  Was banned after an episode where he “forgot” where babies come from and kept interrupting segments to ask, much to the discomfort of other Muppets.

Name: Guy Smiley

Known for: Name: Game show host, “The Remembering Game,” “The Triangle is Right”

Why he is no longer on Sesame Street: Mysteriously disappeared after ignoring several threatening requests from Pat Sajak to cease unsubstantiated claims of being “America’s favorite game show host.”

Name:  Lefty The Salesman

Known for:  Trying to sell other characters letters of the alphabet.  Song sung to Ernie “would you like to buy an O?”

Why he is no longer on Sesame Street:  After no one wanted to buy an “O”, turned to selling “X”

Name:  Two-headed Monster

Known for:  Monster with two heads, one body, opposite interests.

Why they are no longer on Sesame Street:  Left show after undergoing rare 24 hour surgical separation procedure at theUniversity ofCalifornia.

Name:  Pat Playjacks

Known for:  Host of “Squeal of Fortune”

Why he is no longer on Sesame Street:  Mysteriously disappeared after ignoring repeated threats to “stop imitatingAmerica’s favorite game show host Pat Sajak.”

Name:  Mumford the Magician, AKA “The Amazing Mumford”

Known for: Bungled magic tricks.  Magic phrase “A-la-peanut-butter-sandwiches.”

Why he is no longer on Sesame Street:  Banned after episode where, in a fit of rage, banished Ernie and Bert to an alternate dimension (see episode “Bert, where are we Bert?”)

Name:  Don Music

Known for:  Musician, extreme self-criticism, depression, slamming head against piano when angry at self.

Why he is no longer on Sesame Street:  Left in early 1990’s, changed name and became front man for a band called “Nirvana.”  Unknown what happened after that.

Name: Sherlock Hemlock

Known for: Self appointed “World’s Greatest Detective.”  Overlooking obvious clues.

Why he is no longer on Sesame Street: Appointed by Bush Administration in 2001 to lead the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Name: Yip Yips

Known for: Aliens from outer space.  Repeatedly saying “yip yip yip, uh huh, uh huh.”

Why they are no longer on Sesame Street: “Excessive probing”

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11 thoughts on “The Sesame Street Files: Why the characters you loved as a child are no longer on the show

  1. Thabnks for the research . Someone should do it .

    Posted by Dan Hennessy | September 12, 2013, 5:52 pm
  2. I loved the Yip Yip s !!! So who have they got left ? Oscar , Big Bird and Snufflupagus ??

    Posted by kelsgonebush | April 4, 2012, 7:05 am
    • I heard poachers got to snuffalupagus. I always thought it was weird that the Yip Yips were so fascinated by rotary phones and typewriters, yet they some how managed to master space travel.

      Posted by Tim Kochenderfer | April 5, 2012, 1:31 am
      • Yes that does seem odd when you think about it ! Poor Snufflupagus , there is no way I’m letting my future children watch this new PC version of Sesame St !

        Posted by kelsgonebush | April 5, 2012, 6:38 am
  3. Oh my God! I’d completely forgotten about some of these characters like Guy Smiley and Forgetful Jones! Thans for that trip down memory lane!

    Posted by sanctimoniouslyyours | March 14, 2012, 3:14 am

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