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Abraham Lincoln Endorses Our Book


“Hello ladies…”

We were thrilled to receive this endorsement for ‘Diary Of A Mad Ex-President’ available now for your e-reader on Amazon for just under $1.

Dear Americans,

It’s me! Abraham Lincoln! One of the presidents! The one who freed the slaves and put a man on the moon for looking at him wrong.

Yup, that’s the one.

Four score and several seconds ago, I read one of the greatest books ever written.  It is the memoirs of our greatest living president, James J. Walker.

I have to say, I could not put this book down and not because it was glued to my hands or some other crappy sarcastic explanation you may have come up with.

Chapter One was like the opening scene to some Hollywood blockbuster action film, only substitute a former president for the the lead hero and substitute sitting around in an office for all of the action stuff.

As someone who has both read and written several autobiographies about many different presidents, I would have to say, this is my favorite, right next to ‘The Adventures of Jimmy Carter.’

In conclusion, I give this book five thousand out of five thousand stars.

Stay in school and keep the Union united.


Abraham Lincoln

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