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Ten Worst Survival Items To Bring On Naked & Afraid

The Discovery Channel’s ‘Naked & Afraid’ has proven to be a hit reality show. Each episode features a couple abandoned clothesless in a harsh wilderness environment.  Botht are allowed to choose one item each to help them survive.  Lighters & Knives seem to be the best options.   Here are the worst: -Oven Mitts -Dream Catcher -Kaleidoscope -Monopoly … Continue reading

10 Signs Of Zombie Apocalypse In The Smartphone Age

Many of us spend so much time staring at our smartphones that we don’t notice anything that’s going on around us. So if Zombie Apocalypse were to happen while you are staring into your phone, it would be hard to notice it. Luckily, there are telltale signs you can watch out for on social networks, … Continue reading

How I May Have Made Things Worse For Kanye West

Over the weekend, I was contacted by Kanye West’s people.  They informed me that their client is under investigation for assaulting a photographer. They had heard that I moonlight as a ghostwriter for celebrities in crisis(Tom Cruise, Kristen Stewart, Nicki Minaj ,Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Psy) and asked if I might write a letter on his behalf, … Continue reading

Abraham Lincoln Endorses Our Book

We were thrilled to receive this endorsement for ‘Diary Of A Mad Ex-President’ available now for your e-reader on Amazon for just under $1. Dear Americans, It’s me! Abraham Lincoln! One of the presidents! The one who freed the slaves and put a man on the moon for looking at him wrong. Yup, that’s the … Continue reading

Why The Lone Ranger May Have Failed At The Box Office

-The Lone Ranger is immediately killed in the first scene. -The character of Rebecca is clearly footage of Samantha spliced in from the 1960’s TV show Bewitched -During some scenes, it’s not clear if the character of Tonto is supposed to be an Indian or a robot. -Too much of the action revolves around characters … Continue reading

The Frustrated Bird Caller

If you’re a bird caller, probably the most frustrating thing is when the girl you’re out with starts talking about her friend Caw and you ask “Caw who?” and the restaurant is suddenly flooded with crows and owls.

8 Near Disasters At The Founding Of Our Nation

-George Washington was nearly killed when the other founding fathers powdered his wig with gun powder as a prank and then handed him a cigar -The first draft of the Constitution called for presidential elections to be held every ten minutes on the 8’s. -The original plan was to make all of the States 3 … Continue reading

Is There A Worse Company Than Comcast?

First, a confession. About 90% of what I post on here is bullsh*t (*=i). However, sometimes in life you are victimized to the point that you wonder if you have somehow ended up in a Monty Python skit.  When this happens to me, one can invariably deduce with success that I have been forced to … Continue reading

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