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“Congratulations Miami Heat!” And Other Status Updates That Will Piss Off Your Facebook Friends

LeBron James & The Miami Heat were crowned NBA Champions on Thursday night and unless you live in Southern Florida, you probably noticed, your Facebook friends weren’t happy about the news. In fact, a sure-fire way of sparking outrage would be to post your hearty congratulations to the team and say their championship is well deserved.  Here are other status updates that are sure to piss off your friends:

-Greatest of all time: Bieber, Stones, Zeppelin – in that order.

-I finally understand that Sarah Palin joke about the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull from the 2008 Republican Convention and I can’t stop laughing

-Anybody know if you can buy dolphin meat anywhere?

-Hey, trying to get an online petition going to get ‘Lopez Tonight’ back on the air

-Each M. Night Shayamalan movie has been better than the last

-I just wish Rihanna and Chris Brown would get back together already

-Who wants to bring back that Budweiser ‘Whhhaaaaaassssssuuuuppppppppp!” thing?

-I just realized I left my car running all night! Boy, do I feel stupid haha

-All you moms out there who think you have it so rough could learn a thing or two about motherhood from Kim Kardashian

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One thought on ““Congratulations Miami Heat!” And Other Status Updates That Will Piss Off Your Facebook Friends

  1. Oh, and there is that one, “read my latest blog post!”

    Posted by List of X | June 22, 2012, 12:18 pm

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