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Justin Bieber’s Rider For His Space Flight

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Virgin Galactic which organizes private space flights recently announced that Justin Bieber and his concert manager are planning to fly into space on one of its flights.  Because Justin Bieber is used to touring and has a very detailed concert rider listing his demands for the concert venues, his concert manager has made the following demands on Mr. Bieber’s behalf about his upcoming tour into space.

  • Fresh flowers should be delivered to the spaceship every morning.
  • All space debris must be swept away before Mr. Bieber’s arrival.
  • Mr. Bieber’s spacesuit made of cotton, so that Mr. Bieber’s body could breath in space.
  • At least two but no more than six bouncers must be outside the space ship at all times, to turn away any aliens demanding Mr. Bieber’s autograph.
  • There should be no paparazzi within 100 miles from Mr. Bieber.  Mr. Bieber reserves the right to smash any camera he notices while in space, and calling it “a space telescope” will not be considered an legitimate excuse.
  • Mr. Bieber wishes to meet with Darth Vader; please make every effort to set up this meeting.
  • Virgin Galactic should provide four female back up dancers to accompany Mr. Bieber, in case Mr. Bieber decides to sing a song while on the flight.  Their spacesuits should be revealing, but not too revealing.
  • Mr. Bieber may be late for his flight for any reason, or without any reason.  Should that happen, Virgin Galactic must apologize to Mr. Bieber for scheduling the flight too early.

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