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AOAP Twitter Theater Presents: Hamlet, Scene 1 in Tweets

If there’s one complaint every single critic has about Hamlet, it’s that the play is too wordy. Luckily, today, thanks to the power of Twitter, we can see what the play would be like, if the characters had smart phones and each line of dialogue was reduced to 140 characters or less. As you can see, it’s much, much better.


CstleGuard:  1:00am #pastmybedtime guarding castle. Time 4 Nap. @Norway don’t invade.

Norway: @CstleGuard what #castle r u at?

Norway: @CstleGuard ??

CstleGuard: #cantsleep. Any1 up?

GhostKing: @CstleGuard Boo!

CstleGuard: @GhostKing AH!

Horatio: @Cstleguard whats up? #pastmybedtime

Cstleguard: @Horatio  RT @GhostKing Boo!

Horatio: AH! #wth?!

Norway: @CstleGuard WHAT #CASTLE R U AT?! #beingingnoredsux

Horatio: @CstleGuard dude @GhostKing is @Hamlet’s #Dad!

CstleGuard: @Horatio #stfu you’re #crazy

GhostKing: RT@CstleGuard dude @GhostKing is @Hamlet’s #Dad!

Hamlet: @Cstleguard, @Horatio  jerk prank #going2far

GhostKing: @Hamlet Boo!

Hamlet: @GhostKing Dad?! #wtf!

GhostKing: @Hamlet watch ur language #Iknowwhatthosemeannow

Hamlet: @GhostKing what do u want? #beinghaunted

GhostKing: @Hamlet Avenge my death #murdered #youruncledidit

Hamlet: @GhostKing Uncle murdered you? I knew it!

GhostKing: @Hamlet Why didn’t you do anything about it then? #lazy

Hamlet: @GhostKing I’m not #lazy, I’m #busy!

GhostKing: @Hamlet avenge my death or you’re #grounded

Hamlet: @GhostKing  I WILL! OH MY GOSH!

Norway: @CstleGuard – 1 Last time WHAT CASTLE R U AT?!

Hamlet: @GhostKing Uncle will pay for what he’s done!

Hamlet: @GhostKing ???

Horatio: @Hamlet u ok dude?

Hamlet: @Horatio @GhostKing disappeared!

Horatio: @Hamlet u mean he signed off?

Hamlet: @Horatio w/e. I’m avenging my father’s death. #Donttellanyone

Horatio: @Hamlet if u really want 2 keep it secret don’t hashtag it dude!

Norway: @Denmark @CastleGuard #invading your country. #beingignoredsux

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6 thoughts on “AOAP Twitter Theater Presents: Hamlet, Scene 1 in Tweets

  1. Hamlet is my FAVORITE Shakespeare tragedy, this was just so funny!!!!!

    Posted by beansprowtcrocodile | May 17, 2013, 4:50 am
  2. ROFL…@Tim this dame ain’t bitchin, methinks

    Posted by Theresa Cunanan | May 13, 2013, 3:04 am


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