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11 Signs That Sesame Street Is No Longer Receiving Public Funding

Ever since the first Presidential Debate, there has been much concern over the future of Sesame Street and whether or not it will continue to receive public funding.  Here are ten signs the show has been slashed from the government’s budget:

-There’s suddenly a Wal-Mart on Sesame Street “competing” with Hooper’s Store.

-Instead of his trademark “Ah Ah Ah!” The Count’s counting now ends with an enthusiastic “WAYS TO SAVE MONEY BY SWITCHING TO GEICO!”

-The character of Big Bird has been outsourced to a creature named Large Feathered Puppet, who suspiciously sounds like he’s trying to hide an accent.

-The show no longer seems concerned with whether or not children learn their letters and often goes to commercial break during the alphabet.

-Instead of being a furry blue puppet who loves cookies, Cookie Monster is now a drawing on a wrinkled up piece of paper.

-The Children’s Television Workshop has filed multiple lawsuits against every letter in the alphabet seeking payment for past show sponsorships.

-Ernie and Bert are clearly now the same puppet with a different voice.

-Oscar The Grouch’s trash can is now being used for actual garbage as well

-Most of the shows content now seems geared towards women ages 25-54

-While trying to figure out what words begin with the letter H, the characters can only think of one, maybe two words.

-The show is now airs exclusively on armyofawesomepeople.com

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