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The Aylesbury Monster

The kids that lived on Aylesbury Street would always spend their time playing in the nearby field, which was full of Weeping Willow trees, and many, many squirrels.

Near the edge of the field was a large, dead, and very creepy tree that looked like a monster.

The children of the neighborhood called this tree The Aylesbury Monster!

During the day the kids would pay no mind to the tree, but after the sunset, the brilliant moonlight would cast its eerie glow upon the tree, which seemed to make the tree come alive.

At night no child would dare approach the Aylesbury Monster as the old tale told of the Aylesbury Monster devouring children, and turning them into squirrels.

The children of Aylesbury Street would lie in their beds worrying that the Aylesbury Monster would creep to their window and steal them away to the night.

Was the tale true? The children did not know, but their neighborhood did have an unusual amount of squirrels.

By James Miller

© James Miller 2012

About James Miller

James Miller is author of Basie & Paisley Children's Books, including "A Spider Lives In My Belly Button," "A Monstrous Smile," and "A Moose In The Basement."


3 thoughts on “The Aylesbury Monster

  1. Like the tree in Poltergeist but with acorns?

    Posted by becca3416 | October 11, 2012, 1:43 pm

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