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Some Halloween Reading For You: The Werewolf

First, please allow me to be the very first to wish you a very Happy Halloween.  Today, I shall present to you selections from my Halloween plays. Below is a scene from ‘The Werewolf & His Problems’ (published by Playscripts, Inc). Set in the early 1800’s, it’s based on an old Detroit legend about a bride-stealing werewolf. Full play is available … Continue reading

How I May Have Made Things Worse For Justin Timberlake

Over the weekend I was contacted by singer Justin Timberlake.  He told me he heard I work on the side as a bit of a ghost-writer/crisis manager for celebrities (Tom Cruise, Kristen Stewart, Nicki Minaj ) and that he needed someone to write a persuasive apology letter to fans who may have been offended by a video played … Continue reading

The Frustrated Gold Prospector

If you’re a gold prospector, probably the most frustrating thing is when you run all the way down a mountain side after hearing a fellow prospector shout “GOLD! A ha ha ha ha ha ha!” only to learn you had just caught the tail end of a joke in which the punchline was ‘gold.’

Dave & The Devil

The below story is an excerpt from ‘Sketch Night: 10 Comedy Skits For Teens’ by Tim Kochenderfer, available through Brooklyn Publishers: When he was seventeen years old, Dave would have given anything for just one kiss from Judy Johnson. “Id give anything for just one kiss from Judy Johnson,” Dave would often say to himself. … Continue reading

My Symphony Orchestra

Recently, I attended a Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) performance with my wife. The DSO performed the music of Rachmaninoff and featured pianist Olga Kern of Russia. As I sat and listened to the DSO, I was unexpectedly asked to fill in and perform every musical instrument at the same time while simultaneously conducting. Strange right? … Continue reading

The Joys Of Being Married To Me: Episode 27 – Travel

Me: Hey, pack some workout clothes for Puerto Rico Karen: Good idea.  Are we running there? Me: No, we’re taking a plane.

The 12 Worst Historical Inaccuracies in Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Killing Kennedy’

Controversial talk show host Bill O’Reilly takes America down another road of presidential violence in his new book ‘Killing Kennedy.’  O’Reilly’s previous book, ‘Killing Lincoln’ had been blasted by critics for being full of historical inaccuracies. We wanted to know if O’Reilly’s Kennedy installment had any discrepancies.  We were shocked to learn that not only … Continue reading

The Frustrated Contractor

If you’re a contractor, probably the most frustrating thing is when you’ve just finished building a brand new house and suddenly you hear your worst worker shout “oh crap! We forgot nails!”

What if Superman was Mediocre Man?

What if Superman wasn’t super at all. What if Clark Kent’s alter super identity was Mediocre man? Would he do everything with merely half the effort? I bet he’d only be able to partially see your grundies with his middle of the road x-ray vision. He’d probably be only sort of strong and able to … Continue reading

11 Signs That Sesame Street Is No Longer Receiving Public Funding

Ever since the first Presidential Debate, there has been much concern over the future of Sesame Street and whether or not it will continue to receive public funding.  Here are ten signs the show has been slashed from the government’s budget: -There’s suddenly a Wal-Mart on Sesame Street “competing” with Hooper’s Store. -Instead of his … Continue reading

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