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Not So “Rockin” Moments in Rock History

Through the years Rock ‘n’ Roll has had many documented moments that went down in Rock ‘n’ Roll history. Here’s a few not so rock moments you won’t find in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum that we recently discovered. Rock on! \m/

– When Ozzy Osbourne turned into a vampire from biting the head off a bat.

– When an actual warrant was issued for the arrest of Warrant for illegally selling cherry pies.

– The announcement that every member of Def Leppard is legally deaf.

– When the Red Hot Chili Peppers decided to only serve chili peppers and milk at their concerts.

– When the Smashing Pumpkins had only smashed pumpkins on stage with their instruments as their songs were played.

– When Elvis’ gyrating pelvis broke off for a solo career.

– When the Beach Boys became Beach Men.

– When KISS started singing “I wanna rock and roll once in awhile and party on occasion!”

– When Kid Rock recorded a children’s album.

– When Metallica played every song from The Wizard of Oz live.

– When Rivers Cuomo of Weezer started wheezing at every concert.

– When Soundgarden did a CD photo shoot in a rose garden with puppies.

– When Axl Rose started blowing kisses to the crowd after each song.

– When Bono of U2 decided to stop singing and only play xylophone music.

– When Joan Jett put a nickel in the juke box, which got stuck and ruined everyone’s good time.

By James Miller

© James Miller

About James Miller

James Miller is author of Basie & Paisley Children's Books, including "A Spider Lives In My Belly Button," "A Monstrous Smile," and "A Moose In The Basement."


4 thoughts on “Not So “Rockin” Moments in Rock History

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  2. You forgot about when Nickleback destroyed that vending machine for eating their change.

    Posted by becca3416 | September 20, 2012, 9:50 am


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