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Tim’s Diary: Get Back Down There Devil!


Dear Diary,

Today bared the dreaded date, 6/6/06, which sparked concerns that the devil may make an appearance.  I, like many, had scoffed at this notion, until I saw the face of Lucifer himself.

I was talking my daily stroll down the sidewalk when suddenly, I slammed right into something.

“What the…”  I shifted my eyes to the down position to see an orange barrier right in front of me.

‘Caution,’ it read.

I walked forward with caution, but still slammed right into the barrier.

“Why is this happening?!” I said to myself.

That’s when I saw it; The manhole cover on the sidewalk behind the barrier began to move.

I took a step back as it began to rattle.

Suddenly, the entire thing flew backwards.

Then I saw him, Satan himself, emerging from the hole.

He wasn’t the typical cartoon devil you see in the movies.  He had no horns, no goatee, no pitchfork.

Instead, curiously enough he wore a construction helmet as well as an orange and yellow vest and carried with him a flashlight and a tool belt.

I watched in horror as he began climbing out of the hole.

“Oh no you don’t!” I shouted and with my foot I began stuffing him back in the hole.”

“Get back down there devil!” I yelled at him.

“What the… What are you doing?!”  He shouted.  “I’m not the devil!”

But I knew better than to listen to the father of lies.

Finally, he lost his grip and fell back down into the manhole.  I heard a loud splash that came from the bottom and I knew I had limited time.  I immediately began putting whatever I could find on top of the manhole to seal it.

Its been a day now and I havent seen hide nor hare of the devil.  I think I can safely say that the apocalypse has been cancelled.

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