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TV’s Fall Line-up

It appears that the new line-up of television is seeking a new demographic.  Fox will be airing a new reality show that features a semi-famous person riding on a bus with non-famous people.  The first episode features little known actor George Clooney from TV’s “The Facts of Life”.  It features Clooney reading a newspaper for 5 or 6 minutes which is highlighted by a brief encounter with an elderly woman’s handbag which accidently bumps into Clooney’s knee.  Clooney is heard to say “whoops” and quietly shuffles his feet as the woman passes.

NBC will be debuting a more adult-oriented version of “The Teletubbies.”  It will feature live actors that will have their faces painted the color of the Teletubbies that they represent.  In the first episode, we see how Tinky Winky deals with the impending downsizing at a pharmaceutical company that he works for.  It will be touch and go with what will happen to his mid-level position.  The creators wanted to stay true to the original.  You can count on a baby face on the sun and a telescope that comes up out of the ground.  Unfortunately the sun will not be as “life-like” as the one in the original.

The Discovery Channel will have a mini-series focusing on the individual creators of computer pop-ups.  Here is a segment:

“Well you just type what is in your heart when creating pop-ups”, says pop-up poet (PUP) Fred Littleton.  “Pop-ups like ‘Hot girls wearing diapers’ sounds like it might take you to a site where Angelina Jolie may have a problem with incontinance, but it doesn’t.  It continues to open up sites that really have nothing to do with diapers at all.  That is what I love about this job.  I can take people on a journey that has a surprise ending.  Like when your computer crashes.”

The show will also feature an animated dancing hamster.

A&E will also aire a drama that focuses on the life and times of Colonel Custer and his brief courtship of a wooden spoon.  Casting is still in the preliminary stages, but it is rumored that the spoon will be played by Tina Yothers of “Family Ties” fame.

As you can see, next years shows will be just as riveting as this years.  I can assure you that I will be watching…from a distance.

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