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Film Review:12 Confusing Moments in ‘Dark Knight Rises’

After much anticipation, The Dark Knight Rises finally hits theaters this coming Friday. Over the weekend, I had the privilege of getting a sneak peek at what will likely be the summer’s biggest blockbuster. Unfortunately, I found much of the film extremely confusing. Luckily, I brought my journal to the theatre and was able to take the following notes:

-I know the director feels to need to explain what happened to the Joker, but this just seems to be in poor taste. Here we see Commissioner Gordon delivering the news to Batman that the Joker is dead. When Batman asks what happened, Gordon responds “turns out he was Heath Ledger.”

-I realize it’s 8 years later, but it’s hard to believe that Wayne Enterprises has completely transformed from a cutting edge technology and weapons giant into a firm that is now almost exclusively focused in on marketing the ‘Slap-Chop.’

-The all-banjo soundtrack is getting very distracting

-I don’t like the fact that they’ve added a friendship bracelet to Batman’s costume

-Wait, I thought Anne Hathaway plays Catwoman.  This Catwoman is clearly in her 60’s.  All attempts at making her appear sexy and agile are extremely uncomfortable.

-This has to be at least the 12th time that Batman has asked someone to repeat themselves. Why is he having such a tough time hearing through his cowl?

-Why is all of Gotham so fearful that Bain can “lift 100 pounds right over his head?”

-Most of Bain’s rage seems to stem from the fact that he ‘can’t find a pizza in this city that is both hot, ready and just 5 dollars.’

-I’m sorry but that Segway Batman rides is NOT intimidating

-Neither is the ‘94 Oldsmobile

-Bain’s attack at the football game – it seems farfetched that the NFL would attempt to fine a terrorist for unsportsmanlike conduct.

-This is possibly the worst ending to a storied franchise I’ve ever seen. After saving Gotham, Batman smiles and says ‘until next time’ then turns around, is hit by a car and killed. Everyone is in shock until Commissioner Gordon speaks up saying “Well….we’re screwed” and credits start to roll. This series demands a stronger ending.

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One thought on “Film Review:12 Confusing Moments in ‘Dark Knight Rises’

  1. Honestly, with details reviews like these, I need never see another movie again.

    Posted by EzraWontShutUp | July 16, 2012, 11:30 pm

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