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Film Review: 12 Confusing Moments In The Katy Perry Biopic ‘Part Of Me’

The Katy Perry biopic ‘Part Of Me’ hits theaters next month in 3-D.  The film traces Perry’s life and follows her rise to stardom (in 3-D).  The movie claims that Perry didn’t just have everything handed to her, that she went through tough times and even had her car impounded(In 3-D), which is the telltale sign that one has earned his or her way to the top. I managed to get a sneak peek of this film and found much of it confusing and even infuriating.  Luckily, I was keeping a journal (in 4-D) as I was watching the movie and was able to make the following notes:

-The scene where Katy Perry is born is unnecessary and far too graphic, especially in 3D.

-It’s 1984 and Madonna has learned of Katy Perry’s birth.  In a fit of rage and jealousy, Madonna plots to have the baby killed.  Despite having no proof of this ever happening, this narrative seems to be a semi-blasphemous rip-off of the Biblical Nativity Story.  It also seems hard to believe that Madonna would think she had the authority to ‘order the death of every first born child on Earth.’

-In the trailer for this film, Perry seems humanized, talking of her struggles in her climb to the top, complaining that her car had been impounded.  It is disappointing, and shocking to learn that her car was impounded after she tried to run down a hitchhiker.

-Here we learn that before Katy Perry became a singer she dreamed of becoming the first woman to fly a hot air balloon around the world vertically.  While this is an interesting notion, I don’t think they should have devoted 20 minutes of the film to a dream that she gives up after realizing that she ‘doesn’t have any balloon making materials’

-I’m having a tough time believing that Katy Perry and Russell Brand met on eHarmony.com

-The scene where Perry announces that she’s attracted to Brand, because she’s ‘always been a fan of the way people look in those fun house mirrors’ just seems mean.

-I didn’t know Katy Perry was such a rabid member of the NRA

– The original version of ‘California Gurls’ was titled ‘North Dakota Gurls’ and was extremely offensive to North Dakotans

-Claims that Perry was a member of the Navy Seal team that took out Bin Laden seem embellished at best

-It’s hard to believe that Katy Perry’s role as Smurfette in the Smurf’s and Russell Brand’s extreme pro-Gargamel stance could really have led to the downfall of their marriage

-I agree, the film is pretty shallow up to this point, but having Katy Perry announce that Keyser Soze is Verbal Kint seems to be a failed Hail Mary attempt at adding depth to this movie.

– This makes no sense.  Katy Perry just died of a drug overdose. This seems like an inaccurate and dark way to end a biographical picture about a pop star who is still alive.

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