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9 Other Problems With The Miss USA Pageant

The Miss USA Pageant is embroiled in controversy.  Miss Pennsylvania has resigned claiming the entire event was fixed.  Donald Trump denies the allegations and is filing a lawsuit.  We in the Army of Awesome People never know who to believe. However, I did notice the following 9 other things wrong with the Miss USA Pageant:

-The winner’s ‘talent’ was ‘giving money to judges’

-There was a ‘Miss Al-Qaeda.’ I don’t think a terrorist organization deserved representation.

-20 minutes into the show, half of the contestants were eliminated for not being ‘Miss Rhode Islandy’ enough.  There seemed to be some impropriety in this.

-Miss Ohio was clearly a puppet

-The moment of silence for Dick Clark was nice, but it was 45 minutes long. It was difficult to sit through that much silence.

-Judge Arsenio Hall should have taken his bathroom breaks DURING the commercials. It wasn’t fair to make the entire audience wait for him to get back.

-It just happened to be the year that the pageant was opened to the transgendered and a contestant who looked suspiciously like Donald Trump in an evening gown did unusually well.

-Huge chunks of the show were clearly just footage from the film “Miss Congeniality”

-The credits at the end of the show stated ‘3 animals were injured/killed in the making of this show.’ When/how/why did this happen???

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2 thoughts on “9 Other Problems With The Miss USA Pageant

  1. “Miss Ohio was clearly a puppet” oh if only that one were true… Wouldn’t that make Miss America so much more watchable?

    Posted by AProblemShared | June 11, 2012, 3:25 am

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