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The Winds Of Change

Well I voted and it looks like I scored about 80%.  I’ll take a B.  Maybe with a grade like that they might think about putting me on the ballot next time.  Or perhaps making me a proposal. Speaking of proposals, I found that prop. 6 seemed a little out of place.  Why would I … Continue reading

7 Little Known Facts

1. When the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile peels out it, smells like burnt hot dogs 2. Adding the words “for clowns” after the name of any product greatly reduces your ability to market that product. 3. Adding ‘potamus’ to the end of any person’s name generally decreases that person’s credibility 4. When somebody complains that you’ve … Continue reading

But He Gets Great FM Reception

I was cleaning out my basement and you’ll never believe what I found.  37 cents, that’s what!  I knew you wouldn’t believe me, as I stated above. So what’s the deal with this whole “myspace” thing.  I hear it’s pretty popular with the kids.  How do I get on it?  It all seems a little … Continue reading

Film Review: 12 Confusing Moments In The Katy Perry Biopic ‘Part Of Me’

The Katy Perry biopic ‘Part Of Me’ hits theaters next month in 3-D.  The film traces Perry’s life and follows her rise to stardom (in 3-D).  The movie claims that Perry didn’t just have everything handed to her, that she went through tough times and even had her car impounded(In 3-D), which is the telltale … Continue reading

Army Of Awesome People Nominated For 3 Awards. Here are 5 other awards we wish we hadn’t won.

Last week, Army Of Awesome People was nominated for three awards, the Versatile Blogger Award, The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and The One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you to readers Jim Chapman , Prarie Godmother and List of X. However, these unfortunately aren’t our first awards. Below are five other awards we wish we hadn’t won:  

Work, Schmork

It seems as though I have been working 34 hour days as of late.  Remember that one time when I wasn’t at work?  Yeah, that was sweet. I am not a fan of working.  I would much rather be doing anything else.  Like taking a soldering iron and opening up my cheek, for instance. I … Continue reading

How My Pet Monkey Cost Us The Championship

Over the weekend, my softball team had the honor of playing in our league’s championship game. The match-up was to take place in a hostile environment, our opponent’s home park. Our team took the field to boo’s from the crowd. I dusted off the pitcher’s mound, knowing it was going to be a long nine innings with no … Continue reading

The Super Awkward Time I Met Count Dracula

Some might say there are no such things as vampires, but I’ll never forget my first run-in with one. Jake and I were walking through the woods when a shot rang out. “I wonder what was that?” I stopped cold in my tracks. “It was a gun,” Jake replied. “Yes, obviously it was a gun,” I said … Continue reading

Help Me, Help You Avoid Another Catastrophe

I have made a few modifications on my robot, oosevelt.  I fear that I have made him far to big and far to menacing.  With the problems that the two of us have been having, I don’t know if it was a good idea to give him a giant eye that also acts as a … Continue reading

9 Other Problems With The Miss USA Pageant

The Miss USA Pageant is embroiled in controversy.  Miss Pennsylvania has resigned claiming the entire event was fixed.  Donald Trump denies the allegations and is filing a lawsuit.  We in the Army of Awesome People never know who to believe. However, I did notice the following 9 other things wrong with the Miss USA Pageant: … Continue reading

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