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Tender Moments with Honey Badger

Well, we did it. It took some doing, but we finally finagled an intimate one-on-one with the infamous Honey Badger. Considering he’s never entertained the notion of an interview, we are all very grateful he chose the Army of Awesome People to be his first; and hey, hey, my, my – this was an experience … Continue reading

9 Problems Caused By The Massive Solar Storm

The Earth is feeling the effects of the most powerful solar storm in years.  There are concerns that massive flares from the sun over the next few days could disrupt communication systems, shutdown power grids, wreak havoc on GPS devices, ruin beepers and shutdown MySpace and Classmates.com.  However, there are several other side effects you … Continue reading

Click, whooooooooo…….

The phone conversation went something like this… “You and Maddy had better hope nothing ever happens to me,” Sara said. “Why, will something also happen to all the fast food restaurants?” I replied. And she’s like, “Whatever, I’ll talk to you later.” Then who was Phone? And I’m like “Yeah, ‘whatever’ you!” And she says … Continue reading

If Your Car Is Buried In The Snow, I Will Help You Find Out What Happened

Being an officer of the law, one of my jobs is to recreate accidents.  I think that I have reached the highest levels of this practice.  The other day, my wife was driving my car and went off the road just a liitle bit but enough to get the vehicle stuck.  When I arrived on … Continue reading

The End Of Football

(A football game.  A pile of football players struggle to recover a fumbled ball.  The ref runs in blowing his whistle) REF: (over PA) Ball fumbled, recovered by the defense. (Player #1 rushes over to the Ref, furious) PLAYER #1: That’s crap, ref! That ball is ours! REF:  The ball was recovered by the defense, … Continue reading

Little Grey Hoodie Wolf

In a secluded village of wolves – who walk on two-legs, talk and wear hoodies – one particular wolf, named Roger, was alerted that his grandmother had fallen ill. Roger contacted his grandmother via walkie-talkie to let her know he would soon be there with medicine and food for her. “Grandmother, I’m concerned you’re sick. … Continue reading

My Pet Monkey Ruined My Car

I was just about to head out to get an oil change the other day when I heard some clanking and clamoring coming from the garage.  I opened to door and turned on the light to see nothing out of the ordinary.  Then, all of the sudden, my pet monkey Chip Dip slid out from … Continue reading

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